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Avanti Kalagram, best resort in Mulshi

Avanti Kalagram

A Serene Adventure Is Here!

Art And Craft

Art & Craft Workshops 

Experience the joy of creativity during Art & Craft making workshops and unleash your inner Artist at our resort.

Resort in Mulshi with swimming pool

Refresh at Swimming Pool

Refresh yourself at our resort near Pune with swimming pool. 

Buffet Restaurant

Buffet Restaurant

Binge away at self-made Barbecue 

Tent Stays Near Pune

Physical Strengths at Adventure Sports

Test your physical strengths with adventure activities on natural rock surface under a natural waterfall at our resort. 

Avanti Kalagram - Best Pet-Friendly Resort In Mulshi - For Families And Couples Near Pune

Avanti Kalagram is a pet-friendly resort situated in the Pune district near Khamboli Dam. It is just an hour's drive from the city. Avanti Kalagram, a nature resort in Mulshi, is designed by keeping the property's aesthetics very close to mother nature. You can notice a lot of earth element is used in designing the best resort near Pune. Avanti Kalagram is also known as an ‘Art and Adventure Village’. We offer various adventure activities and workshops at our resort for families and couples in Mulshi. 

Our hotel in Mulshi has a dedicated art school which also promotes the concept of providing employment to the village and tribal societies. We are among the best resorts for families and couples in Mulshi. We are also perfect for a one-day picnic or you can spend a night with us in our newly made cozy container rooms. For those who want an idyllic pet-friendly resort near Pune, our resort near Mulshi for families and couples is made for you. 

Being a nature resort in Mulshi, our aim is to help you escape the hustle and stress of city life and make you embrace the warm touch of nature. We also have a private waterfall at our hotel, which further enhances your weekend experience for families and couples. With so many things to do, you will never feel like going home! 

Avanti Kalagram is an art and adventure resort in Mulshi near Pune.

We are a home away from home. The rooms are perfect for families and couples are designed to be in synthesis with nature, as well as provide you with hospitality matching modern standards. We offer Container Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Family Rooms at our resort. Our rooms are spacious, comfortable, and simplistic. We are among the best resorts in Mulshi for families and couples, having all the room amenities you need. Being a pet-friendly resort near Pune, you can bring your furry friends as well. 

Our rooms offer several amenities at our family and couple-friendly resort near Mulshi such as an outdoor seating area, balcony, air conditioning, soft bedding with comfortable blankets, and several other amenities. The flagship rooms at our resort are the container rooms, crafted by combing sustainability with modern aesthetics. Our resort offers you everything you need! Our resort near Pune for families and couples offers the ultimate comfort. 

Being the best adventure resort in Mulshi for families and couples, we offer all the amenities you need to make your stay at our resort near Pune comfortable. We offer various activities such as ziplining, rappelling, indoor and outdoor games and more! Avanti Kalagram has everything you need! 


We have various amenities as well such as a swimming pool and a dining area - serving delicious local Maharashtrian food at our hotel in Mulshi. 

Our Activities
  • Indoor Games 

  • Outdoor Games 

  • Swimming Pool 

  • Campfire

  • Dining Area 

  • Children’s Play Area

  • Party Lawn

One of our highlights is the art and craft workshop near Pune, offering the guests the opportunity to be artistic. Avanti Kalagram has been contributing to the livelihood of the village and tribal communities by offering employment at their art school. 

You can try out various art forms at the best resort near Pune, such as Bandhani, Pottery, Bottle Art and Bamboo Crafts. Create your masterpiece while you enjoy your staycation at our resort in Mulshi for families and couples. Discover more about yourself as you get your hands working by being a craftsperson this weekend at our hotel in Mulshi, Pune. 

For those who want a great camping and glamping experience, Avanti Kalagram, located near Pune,  is the perfect place for you! Offering spacious and comfortable tents, your camping experience at our resort will truly be special. Located on the hills near Pune, our guests will get to experience perfect weather for bonfires and barbeque. For a glamping experience, our pet-friendly resort in Mulshi is always there for you!

Mulshi is among the most popular places to visit near Pune. When you book a stay with us, you can visit various attractions in Mulshi. The lush greenery and the serene atmosphere will make soothe your mind and rejuvenate your soul! We can explore many weekend getaways near Pune at our Mulshi resort. 

Things to do in Mulshi


Village Katarkhadak, Rihe - Andhale road,
Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune, Pincode - 412115.

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