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The Best Art And Craft Workshop Near Pune!

Our main highlight is the art and craft workshop we conduct for our guests. The concept aims to employ the village and tribal societies. Along with providing employment, we also provide several opportunities for our guests to take part in these workshops and learn something new.

At Avanti Kalagram, we believe in offering something more than a resort, we believe in providing experiences. When you come to Mulshi, away from the noise and stress of cities, take part in unique experiences, and discover an artist in yourself! These workshops are among the best things to do near Pune.

Bamboo Craft

Learn to make use of bamboo, one of the most versatile materials for art and craft. Get your hands to work and create various bamboo objects, and create memories as well. At Avanti Kalagram, experiment with this new art form when you come for a weekend getaway near Mulshi. Our art and craft workshop near Pune will help you unleash the inner artist in you.

Bottle Art

A bottle may be a mundane ordinary object, but at Avanti Kalagram, you will be able to create something unique out of it. Unleash your creativity and paintbrush, and create your masterpiece. Set your imagination free at our art and craft workshop near Pune. When you come to Mulshi, let us help you rediscover yourself.

Bandhani Work

Bandhani is a traditional Indian art form, where you create beautiful designs on textiles. It is one of the most creative art forms, where you can unleash the inner craftsperson in you. Come to Avanti Kalagram in Mulshi and explore the roots of our rich heritage at our art and craft workshop near Pune. Explore yourself while you try your hand at this unique art form.


Pottery is considered to be among the oldest art forms. There are many things you can create from a piece of mud. It is one of the most fascinating arts created by man - moulding nature to create beauty and utility. Our idyllic resort in Mulshi is perfect for getting your hands dirty. If you are tempted to try to hands on the pottery wheel, we are the perfect place for you near Pune. 

With these art and craft workshops near Pune, you will discover something new about yourself, when you will experiment with various crafts and create artistic wonders.

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